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Dana/Alice Relationship Analysis Pt 1 - The rules of unattraction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Dana/Alice Relationship Analysis Pt 1 [Dec. 14th, 2009|02:20 am]
Dana/Alice fans


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Okay so I only talked about this like 8 months ago, but I did warn that I might not ever get to it... at least it's here now. Better late then never lol.

I'm starting with the Pilot and episode 3 (it really should be ep 2 but whatevs) because that's all I have of my updated caps. As for when I'll get to the rest, who knows lol. Though I'll do my best.

In this analysis I'll be discussing dialogue, parallels, subtext/meta, foreshadowing, camera shots, and blocking.

1.01 - 1.02 The Pilot
Dana's insecurity with Alice's bisexuality

Dana: Christ Alice when are you gonna make up your mind between dick and p*ssy, and spare us the gory bisexual details please.
Alice: For your information Dana I'm looking for the same qualities in a man as I am in a woman.
Dana: (gesturing to Tina) Big tits.

*discussion about the way Shane dresses and how Dana wouldn't be caught walking next to her on the street because everything about her 'screams dyke'.*

Alice: God Dana.
Dana: What, look, if I'm outed, I'm screwed, Alice, alright? Sponsors aren't exactly clamoring to have their stuff repped by big ol' lezzie tennis players....
[Alice fakes falling asleep]
Alice: Y'know, you are gonna pickle in that self-loathing homophobia, I swear.
Dana: Well you know you're gonna shrivel in that self-righteous priggishness.

Alice: Shh she doesn't want her fans to know she's a gay lady.
Dana: Funny. Okay fine, what do you guys think about butt waxing?
Tina: Who has hair on their butt?
Dana: (points towards Alice and gasps)
Alice: At least I don't anymore.

Dana: Back to my question, please.
Alice: Okay. Trimming is essential. Y'know? You just do it a few days before you get laid. Assuming you ever do.
[Dana promptly turns to Alice and gives her "the finger".]

Alice: Ooh, ooh, ooh. Now she's cute. And I haven't seen her before, is it possible?
Shane: Fresh meat.
Alice: New blood.
Dana: Cris-pay!
[Alice shakes her head at Dana.]
Alice: Uh-uh.

--- Oh the underlying current of sexual tension turned into catty bickering. What's important though is that it's never downright mean. It's clear how much they care about each other and that they're truly friends. You see this a lot throughout season 1.

--- Also, the blocking in the first and third scene is set up with Dana and Alice sitting by each other as they very frequently do throughout the seasons (in fact I can only find a handful of times they don't). This is intentional as that's what 'blocking' is. Directors specify the blocking of where each character will be in the scene which is what actors rehearse so the scenes flow smoothly. If a character is in a location in a scene it's intentional by the director. In the second scene, they're sitting next to each other, but never shown in frame.

Pilot - Let's Do It


--- They're often shown either leaving or arriving together, just the two of them. This is a sign of what type of relationship they have. Each would rather spend time with the other.

(sorry the coloring is so different and sucky but I couldn't get anything better out of the dark caps)

Alice: Wanna come to my place?
[Dana looks at Alice as if she's serious]
Alice: Oh. Please. I am not that desperate.
Dana: (laughing) Fuck you, Alice, neither am I.
Alice: Dana, I'm just —
Dana: What?
Alice: I'm just, I don't wanna be one of those people who sleeps with her friends.
Dana: Neither do I!
Alice: Right, okay! Let's not have sex!
Dana: No, never!
Alice: Okay!
Dana: Never!

--- This scene is so filled with foreshadowing it's ridiculous. Obviously for them to be discussing them to *never* have sex it was on both of their minds at least one time or another. And typically when characters say they'll NEVER have sex that means they will, i.e. When Harry Met Sally. Not only that but, after going to Alice's, she showed Dana The Chart to which she linked herself to Dana. Hello Foreshadowing. In the Pilot we know it was 6 people, but later it'd only be one.

1.03 Let's Do It

--- This is all about parallels. Alice gets turned down by the editor for her Chart idea but a story on vaginal rejuvenation is a go. The very next scene is Dana working out on the tennis courts with her coach, he suddenly says he has to leave and they'll meet again in 45 minutes. (In these caps) Later at the Reviva clinic, Alice sees that the receptionist is Gabby Deveaux, her ex. Gabby tells Alice she acted foolishly and is different now and wants to try again, off Alice's grin. The next scene sees Dana in the country club's restaurant where the waiter brings a plate of vegetables courtesy of the sous chef (or as Dana says 'soup chef') Lara Perkins, off Dana's grin. Later, Dana's in the country club changing room where Lara walks in and tells her to stop by later and she'll fix a plate for her. The next scene sees a dejected Alice after being stood up by Gabby only to have Gabby arrive late and say to Alice how good they are together and that she really wants to make it up to her. Finally after the "mission to ascertain the disposition and intent of one Miss Lara Perkins," Lara approaches Dana in the changing room and kisses her. The very next scene has Alice, after halfheartedly ignoring Gabby at the party, approaching her to tell her she likes her boots to which Gabby pulls her in for a kiss.

Parallels similar to the above happen all throughout the 3 seasons, which I'll be discussing further.


ETA: Is anyone even interested in this? If not I'm not going to continue because it does take quite a bit of work to put together.

[User Picture]From: zerostress
2011-06-06 06:43 pm (UTC)
it's a pity I came here so late! I love your analysis. I would have loved to discuss. :)
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[User Picture]From: redsky9805
2011-07-26 09:34 am (UTC)
Aw, darn...a year too late. :(
I love your analysis, would've loved the rest. But thank you for your hard work on this part! Their relationship will always be one of my top OTP's, and really loved you going into relationship thoroughly .
I will never be over it either tbh. Awesome job :)
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[User Picture]From: redsky9805
2011-07-26 09:39 am (UTC)
oops i meant year and a half.x)
Btw.. your L word icons are my fav. Lovely icon art.
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